How an Awesome SEO Reseller Can Boost Business

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The path to large seo reseller revenue

When people go online, over 90% of the time they start with a search engine. The evolution of the internet has provided people with the privilege of accessing whatever information they desire, nearly instantaneously. Businesses wanting to capitalize on the 100 billion searches conducted globally each month need to be careful, though, as customers are becoming more shrewd. They ignore 70 to 80% of paid advertisements, favoring to instead focus on results that feel more natural.

One method of creating more organic advertisements is search engine optimization. SEO focuses on making a website more visible to internet users, thereby boosting the number of visitors to the site. Learn the SEO trade to do the same for your business, or, better yet, find a good SEO reseller to do it for you.

The online ad network company Chitka did a study on Google’s organic search results. They found that the top return spot received 33% of traffic, while the second spot had only an 18% success rate. The amount of traffic drops more and more for the websites with a lower spot on the first page, with a poor amount for the second page. When a company chooses to use SEO for marketing they must chose whether they will somehow learn the SEO trade or use an outsourced SEO reseller program. A reseller program has search engine optimization experts to do the organic advertising so your people can focus on providing a superior product or service.

The best SEO reseller will have a transparent policy and keep open lines of communication with the businesses they serve. It is vital to both sides for the SEO reseller to understand the target audience. This increases not just visitors to the website, but also the chances those visitors are looking for exactly what the company can offer. A reseller has learned the SEO trade and can help the company appeal to a wider audience with their understanding of how the game of online advertising works.

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